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What does a PR Agency do?

A PR agency formulates and executes PR marketing strategies tailored to the goals and situations of businesses. Through this, companies can achieve significant results with minimal costs and time, even without PR experts.

With the rapid increase in the production and consumption of digital content such as press releases, blogs, social media, newsletters, influencers, and online media, PR has become an essential element of corporate activities.

Collaborating with a PR agency is an effective way to enhance outcomes when PR marketing is needed.

What does a PR Agency do?
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Types of PR Agencies

PR agencies come in various types. The larger the agency, the more it is likely to have specialists in various fields, handling diverse tasks.

PR Agency

Develops and executes strategies to promote public understanding and perception, managing and protecting the image, reputation, and brand recognition of companies, organizations, or individuals.

Online PR Platforms

Builds press release platforms and journalist databases like Brazen Mena, distributes press releases to relevant journalists, monitors news, and provides distribution result reports. Brazen Mena offer the advantage of achieving significant impact at low costs. They also provide services for press release writing and editing. Currently, more than a thousand PR, advertising, marketing, and IR agencies are using Brazen Mena to distribute press releases.

Advertising Agency

Plans and executes advertising campaigns to promote products or services. Creative agencies within this category specialize in generating creative ideas for advertising, marketing, and PR purposes.

Event Management Agency

Assists companies or organizations in planning and executing events. They handle event planning, marketing, budget management, venue coordination, audio/video production, and registration management.

Brand Consulting Agency

Provides advice to companies or organizations regarding brand development. Some specialize in brand naming.

Influencer Marketing Agency

Develops and executes strategies to promote products or services using social media influencers.

Benefits of Using PR Agencies

Abundant Resources and Media Network

PR agencies can help find effective PR strategies based on rich work experience and networks with journalists. They are adept at choosing suitable platforms and services according to the situation.

Sharing of Experience

Sharing experiences with PR agencies can provide insights, information, and ideas necessary for future PR and marketing efforts. Another advantage is gaining new perspectives on brands and companies from external experts.

Cost Saving

Employing a PR agency can yield quick results without incurring significant costs for personnel and benefits. PR agencies help in brand promotion through mass media and social media, thereby reducing costs for advertisements, etc.

Enhanced Work Efficiency

PR agencies handle the entire process, including press release writing, PR material production, media selection, and story creation, saving time for companies.

Effective Results

PR agencies strive for positive outcomes. These could range from increased web traffic to improved brand awareness, positive evaluations, and increased market share resulting from PR and marketing activities.

More of Benefits of Using PR Agencies

Benefits of Using PR Agencies

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How to Find PR Agencies

Before using a PR agency, it’s important to evaluate factors like the agency’s capabilities, experience, performance, methods, and expertise in specific industry sectors. Here are a few methods to find PR agencies:

Utilize Press Releases

Hundreds of PR agencies write press releases that can be viewed on press release distribution platforms like Brazen Mena. By selecting press releases relevant to your industry, you can find PR agencies’ contact information. You can then inquire about their PR services via email or phone.

Use Search Engines

Entering keywords like “PR agency in Dubai” or “PR firm” into search engines allows you to explore various companies’ websites, blogs, etc. This provides insights into their work, experience, expertise, major clients, and contact information, facilitating direct communication.

Utilize PR Association Websites
Organizations like the Korean PR Association consist of PR agencies above a certain revenue threshold. By clicking on association members, you can access the websites of PR agencies for more information.

Seek Recommendations

You can also find PR agencies through recommendations from friends, acquaintances, or industry professionals. Recommendations from those who have already experienced a particular PR agency can provide reliable information.

Working with PR Agencies

Define Goals and Requirements Clearly

Before engaging a PR agency, it’s essential to clearly define the goals and requirements of the intended tasks. These may include launching new products, increasing brand awareness, or marketing to specific target demographics.

Prepare and Submit Requests

After defining goals and requirements, prepare and submit requests to PR agencies. These requests should outline the tasks’ details, goals, budget, timeline, and scope of responsibilities. Requests are usually prepared in consultation with the PR agency.

Develop a Work Plan

Based on the request, the PR agency develops a work plan, including schedules, resources, and budgets. After formulating the plan, the PR agency presents it and discusses it with the client.

Execute Work and Report Progress

Once the work plan is established, the PR agency begins executing the tasks. They maintain communication with the client through progress reports or meetings. Any client feedback or revisions are discussed and addressed during this process.

Completion of Work and Evaluation

Upon completion, the PR agency prepares a completion report and submits it to the client. The client evaluates the report and, if satisfied with the results, may continue collaborating with the PR agency or engage them for new projects.

How to use Brazen Mena as a PR agency

Currently, over a thousand PR agencies are using Brazen Mena to distribute their clients’ press releases.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

By utilizing Brazen Mena, PR agencies can increase media coverage for their clients at minimal cost and effort, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Brazen Mena platforms provide features for PR agency members to register and manage press releases for individual clients.

Building Media and Customer Relationships

Contact information of PR agencies exposed through press releases can help acquire new clients. It can also serve as a stepping stone for building relationships with new media outlets and journalists.

Detailed News Monitoring Reports

Precise distribution result reports monitoring 5,000 media outlets after press release distribution enhance customer satisfaction. These reports provide statistics such as news clippings, press release publication, and view counts.


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